Monday, August 14, 2006

Non-sex sex with the ex???

So a friend (no I cannot tell you who) wants to know if it is a bad idea to have non-sex sex with an ex (No, I'm not going to explain what that is - we're all adults here - you can figure it out! )...

Hm. Consenting adults, friendship with mutual respect, no current lovers who could get hurt... what could possibly go wrong? Right? Ahem.

Amendment: My goodness dear friends ... no it was not me! I am not getting any. Do not forsee getting any in the near future. Have decided that women, beautiful as they are, are evil dishonest creatures, therefore, have retreated into my shell ... do not intend to come out until some hot chick catches my eye, drags me out of the shell and manages to tell a few truths... =)


Anonymous said...

BAD idea

Kathryn said...

Thanks to Bill Clinton I believe that it has been firmly estrablished that there really is no such thing as "non-sex-sex", tragic really