Wednesday, November 01, 2006

being NICE vs. being a WITCH

I keep finding myself in situations that test my niceness. It is proving to be a major flaw in my personality.

Does being 'nice' translate to other people as being vulnerable and gullible, therefore leaving myself open to all sorts of injustices and absurdities???

What makes this absolutely insufferable is how I often I think about whether or not I am being nice. As much as I may want to hang on to my pleasant persona and identity, so that I’m considered friendly and charming — IS IT WORTH IT? And can it be done keeping my pride in tact?

I read a quote or something somewhere recently that said that although it may be hard to live with the fact that one is a "witch", in the long run it saves you a lot of headache. I am feeling quite tempted to walk in these witchy footsteps and see what happens.

I just felt the prickle down my back alerting me to the peals of laughter from a few who know me and know that my personality wont allow for this change and that I'm all talk.... that makes me want to try it out all the more... =)

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Baffling said...

Being a w-itch is just a disease that makes the skin sore :)