Friday, November 10, 2006

The problem with the pro/con list...

When I really cannot make a decision to save my life (why did I write that? I hate that phrase but whatever) Carrying on ... When I am having trouble making huge life decisions I sometimes resort to a pro/con list. You know, get it all down on paper, sort it out in black and white and turn it into simple math.

That is all well and good ... but really... dont you always know what you want to do... what path you are leaning towards ... and the reason you are resorting to the list it is because you actually know you should NOT make the decision you are leaning towards because it is the wrong decision. But for some reason you are inexplicably drawn to wrong choices. So then you start skewing the list to add up in favour of the wrong choice ...

Does anyone else do this?

I am doomed to make horrible life decisions. Doomed.

Maybe I'll try a fortune teller for the life decisions I need to make over the long weekend? Geez, look I just added another decision to my list.

Happy Long weekend.


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