Sunday, February 25, 2007

feeling high without getting high

I'm sitting at Lugz on Main and trying to write this weekend's blog entry. Writing has been a bit of a struggle today. I cannot come up with the words to describe the people I have met and the experiences I have had in the last 48 hours. Everything I write sounds a bit lame.

I used one of my vacation days on Friday as a 'me' day. I had planned on watching Ellen, running some errands, doing housework and preparing for a busy weekend. I was marvelously sidetracked by *insert name here*. I am reluctant to use her name as I cannot see her being the type of woman who wants people reading about her on the world wide web ... =) This is tough for me because *insert name here* and the rest of the she-village I am lucky to be surrounded with would be way more interesting to write about than little old me. The characters in my life have stories and lives that are worth spending an afternoon writing about. Since I started writing this blog last summer everytime I find myself laughing out loud while sharing the company of one one of my loved ones it takes everything I have not to listen to the voices in my head (no, the other ones) that yell out "blog idea", "blog idea"...


Lunch on 4th Avenue at Hells Kitchen, a slow walk up 4th and a movie at the 5th Avenue cinemas. It was a tremendous afternoon of doing nothing. I apologize AGAIN for the choice in movie. Do not see Notes on a Scandal. The ick factor of this story line was only outdone by the creepy factor. Even the hotness of Cate Blanchett cannot wash off the dirty feeling you get from watching Judi Dench be the person she is in this film!

I do not recommend this movie:

I definitely recommend this eatery:

Saturday morning.

Backpack packed, workboots on and off to the Habitat for Humanity build site. Not one minute of this day was what I expected. I do not enjoy the manual labour type jobs around the house. I have an Ikea dresser sitting in my hallway that I would sooner through through a window than put together. I use a mug for a hammer and a knife for a screwdriver. And this has worked just fine for me, thank you very much. But truth be told - I can put it together mysef - I just dont want to. Simple as that. My mom and dad were the type of parents that made sure that we were self sufficient women who could do things ourselves. I can do it, I just dont want to! If it was Megan's dresser or someone else needed it put together it would be done, but for some reason I just want someone else to do the dresser for me. =) Lame. I know. But there it is.

Yesterday I used a hammer, two different kinds of saws, a belt sander, a level and some really stinky glue. I measured out, cut the wood and built shelves for all the closets in one of the townhouses. I helped fit and instal a counter and bolted a vanity to the wall. Apparently I can do just about anything! =))))) I am a catch! =) A slight pain in the ass, but a catch nonetheless. =)

I lucked out. I was paired up with a man that works as a carpenter for the Vancouver School Board. He reminded me of my ex Devin. He had these slow movements, kind eyes and an unwaivering patience. Because of him I experienced more yesterday than I think I would have had he not been there. He pushed me to learn to use the tools he was using myself and encouraged me to try things that were outside my comfort level. He would have accomplished a lot more without me but kept me as his sidekick for the day and encouraged me to learn and do everything he was doing. Thank you for that.

I also ran into an elementary school friend on the site - she grew up on my street. It is a small, small world! Mom - you would remember her. Elisabeth Stitch. She is a single mom who works full time and spends almost every Saturday on the site. Can you feel my admiration??

Then the couple - my guess is that they are in their seventies. They worked alongside one another painting all day. It made me feel all mushy inside to watch them. They had that easy way about them that couples who spend a lifetime together possess. Silent understanding. *sigh*

Anyways, I should go. I have so much to do today. I should probably get on it.



Another tear jerker Kel... you're one of the coolest chicks I know. Thanks for having a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a busy and productive weekend - good for you!

Baffling said...

writing about everyday stuff doesnt come easily, it also makes for interesting read. Totally not-lame.
Must have been a great weekend. What do u think when u look back now?