Tuesday, March 27, 2007

and more proof (as if you needed any) that i am a total loser

Me and Meg standing in Chapters:


Dutiful daughter - rushing over... "what mama, what?"

"FINGER PUPPETS!" "Greatest writers of all time, FINGER PUPPETS!"

"Finger puppets?" *See eyeroll combined with pulling hair over her face trying to hide the fact she is with me.*

"Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Virginia Wolfe and Charles Dickens!!!!!!!!!! They are magnetic! It says right here on the box -"You can put them on your fridge when the show's over!!" "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa!"

"Mama, you're nuts."

"Possibly, but I. WANT. THEM."

*Suddenly the child reels in her laughter and get serious for a second ...* "Mama, maybe you should think about it and wait for payday." "You may not think these are so great tomorrow." *Snicker, snicker*

"Maybe, but how much do you think would be tooooo much for finger puppets. Seriously." *Both of us close to tears now ...*

"Seriously. Like as if I would suddenly have the need for finger puppets .... ok, fine I wouldn't pay more than 25.00 bucks!"

"HA, they are 24.00!"

And that was it ... we started laughing so hard we had to leave the store ...

Minutes later ... sitting at my desk... dreaming of finger puppets ... dammit... I should have bought them!



I don't get it...

Are we talking about the same finger puppets Chico was talking about at the bar the other night, cus I got those ones.

Anonymous said...

Kelly has finger Opera's , if you know what I mean....wink,wink

KellyNerd said...

Marf - NO, not the same ones! These are real nerdy ones ... at Chapters... I am a loser..

Anonymous - I have a feeling that's you Chico - you are a VERY bad boy!