Wednesday, April 25, 2007

second posting today ... mom and carole

Here is a little hello and an introduction to my mom and to her best friend Carole. We grew up with Carole so my sister and I call her Auntie Carole.

My mom has been reading my blog from conception. She now knows more about me than she ever wanted to know! She took a little break from reading it while her computer was at the computer hospital so I know she must be doing some serious reading to catch up on my life. Like, I said before Mom, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

I never put anything mean or unkind about anyone in here but it can get a little, um - personal!

Yesterday, mom taught herself how to comment on my blog. Yippee for mom! She says she will try to disguise herself next time so watch out for 'Tink' because that'll be her!

So Auntie Carole if you are reading this, you and mom are the stars of my blog today. I hope you leave comments too because you never fail to make me chuckle! Dont try to hide your identity though... I'll out ya'!

Much love,

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