Tuesday, April 10, 2007

things that make me smile ...

1. Kiss me on my forehead.
2. Hold my hand (not with our fingers laced - the other way...).
3. Touch the inside of my elbow or the back of my knee ... ever so lightly ...
4. When I call, text or email, the first thing out of your mouth is "I was just thinking about you".
5. Meeting a dog named Finnigin.
6. Visiting the ocean on my walk home.
7. Suprising me with something small, just because.
8. Letting me look after you, cook for you, pack you a lunch, something, anything, so that I feel needed.
9. Seeing my daughter with a genuine, happy smile on her face.
10. The sound of the ponds in my yard.
11. The sound of the rain on my skylights.
12. My new friends.
13. My old friends.
14. Rings that fit on either hand.
15. The first five seconds of a shower, the moment where you close your eyes, shut out the world and dunk your head under the faucet ...
16. The first five seconds of the morning ... that moment when you wake up and realize it is the start of a new day and today is going to be, has to be, better than yesterday.
17. Volunteering and meeting new people that surprise you with their story.
18. The look on your face when it breaks into a smile when I've said something funny.
19. Stumbling across a new blog to read that is a little racy, funny, creative or insightful.

... to be continued ...



... if you'd make time for me, your #12 has a #7 for you...

KellyNerd said...

I have all the time in the world for you Miss Marf! =) Could you put me in your suitcase and take me to Whistler with you?? =)

coffeesnob said...

maybe it's your legal experience coming through but i like the "has to be" sub-clause" in #16. it sounds simultaneously hopeful, whistful, desperate, and threatening. which is perfect.

after all, one has to read contracts so carefully...