Thursday, May 10, 2007

could somebody please make me a little bit ...

less female?


Update: Received two emails about this post ... Yikes! Ok, let me clarify.

Love being a girl. Love girls. Dont want to be a man. =) Ew. Hair.


What I would like to change:

My stomach hurts. I have stomach cramps. They suck. I want to go home. Right now.

I am vulnerable. Most boys just aren't like that. Vulnerability leaves you open to all kinds of ridiculous conversations, encounters and situations. Unecessary ones. When you interact with others you get scraped. Often. When you are vulnerable the scrapes sting. I dont really want to sting. Not even a little bit.

Giving birth. Because of this miracle my heart now resides on the outside of my body with a seventeen (almost eighteen) year old. You cannot even imagine the danger my heart is in.

Women see situations different then men. Obviously. A man and a woman can be in the exact same situation at the exact same time, hearing the exact same thing and each will see, hear and feel something different. Actually, I guess my point is a woman will feel it and a man will just take it in, process it and do what he needs to do.

And this one.

This one may just be me and have absolutely nothing at all to do with being female. At the first sign (usually) of something that can cause me to hurt - my very first instinct is to run like hell.

And not look back.



Awwww.... who's living a week in the life of pms? Sorry hon, you're ALL girl.

Anonymous said...

I feel ya. Boy do I feel ya.

But we girls so totally rock!

KellyNerd said...

ha marf... good thing i'm single... I wont need to borrow Steve's helmet for the poor girl!

And Kerstin! YES.WE.DO!

coffeesnob said...

like the part about wearing the heart on the outside. maybe hearts will become fashionable this year?

i see the girl. but where's the nerd?

sorry to disappoint. but there's more to men than just hair, you know. maybe i'll tell you about it some time.