Wednesday, May 23, 2007

i am a lucky woman

to have known Michael Edward Killingsworth.

My dad.

Fifteen years ago today he died of cancer.

My mom met him when I was a little girl. They fell in love. Married. I attended that wedding. I think I was five. Then my dad chose to be my father. He adopted me.

Because it was a choice it means more to me than if he had been my biological father. He chose to have me in his life, put up with my teenage years, guide me, and to unconditionally love me in moments I suspect I was very hard to love. This meant and does mean the world to me. I have and never will forget that I was lucky enough to have those years with him.

This man had qualities that I want to emulate in my adult life. Thinking of him makes me want to be a better person. He taught me life lessons that help me out every day of my life. On many occasions when I am making tough decisions I think "What advice would my dad give me?". It is funny how that one question can and has cleared up so many confusions for me.

I am sad that he is gone - but thankful for the gift that he was.

We all miss you.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. You were both very lucky I think.

Anonymous said...

i did not know what today was, and i wish we could have been together for it. im sorry for not seeing you enough lately, and i love you <3


Anonymous said...

He was the measure of a man. Actually the measure of any human being...

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Touching.