Tuesday, June 19, 2007

my first triathlon ...

Now this is a great idea for a wussy like me! A triathlon with shortened distances in WARM water.

MARF: ANY CHANCE IN "H" "E" "Double Hockey Sticks" you'd do this with me???????????

I thought of you instantly with your whole "Epiphany" thing going on!



uhm.... only if the swimming part means someone pulling me in a boat. And only if the biking part means riding in some funky saddle car on the side of someone else's bike and only if the running part means I can actually walk (fast of course) my retarded ankles don't like when I run.

Good for you though girl, I'll be totally proud of you and ashamed of myself if you do this.


I LOVE the new blog-look by the way, very pretty.

I got a new one up my sleeve myself.

KellyNerd said...

crap you make me laugh. glad you never just give a simple one-word answer!