Monday, July 16, 2007

a complete success!

no access to nerdgirl was a total success.

I turned off the phone.

Lie. I still checked it for emergency purposes, but for all intents and purposes, it was 'off'.

I did not eat healthy, get any exercise, bake cookies or read. None of it.

I did drink a pitcher of sangria, eat a lot of crap, go for a walk at Jericho, sit on a few patios and make a delicious dinner of Shepherd's Pie on Sunday! Yum. I wore fun, non-work clothes all weekend. Was nice to feel and be all 'summer pretty'. I watched Coronation Street, napped on the couch and looked after me. It felt good. I also did a lot of thinking. About life and love and family and about what is next. What do I want? The list of a hundred things I want to do... it is at a standstill... screeched to a halt actually... time to figure out what it is that I WANT and DO.IT.Now. Also on the brain: SEX! Is it just that time of year?? If there were ever a time where I would consider getting all promiscuous and down and dirty (sorry mom!), now (right now) would be it but ... *sigh* ... instead I'm all boring and into the whole monogamous thing! =) A girl just cannot change those kind of stripes!

Anyways, sex aside (for now), I also watched these classics that I'd never seen before:

Taxi Driver: DeNiro=sexy. Seriously sexy. He could make me rethink the whole woman thing.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: Is it bad to love the big Indian guy because he did not say a word? I truly loved that. I am thinking of looking for a deaf/mute partner now. =) Ok, now, now, no hate mail, I am just kidding... Seriously though... I probably talk enough for the both of us anyways and he was not actually deaf/mute, he chose not to say a word - there was something calming about the silence, it made him seem gentle somehow.

All in all I had a lovely weekend with my very good friend/ex-girlfriend/something ... She treated me like a princess, watched out for me when I crossed the street (I am a sucker for that), drove me around, shared her home, walked on the beach, played me good music, even songs she does not like and let me look after her a bit ... I loved, loved, loved every second of it.

I am completely refreshed.

ps. I feel like the word "SEX" should be watermarked all over this posting... can you do that in blogger????????????????? =))


Trée said...

Welcome back Kelly. I like the way you think. You still know where that bathroom is, right? You know, the one with my number. :-D

Deadmanshonda said...

Congrats on your success!!! This is great to hear...made me want to take a similar vacay....thanks for the inspiration!

Pamela said...

Sounds like a lovely time alllll around! *sigh* good on ya hon!

Ryann said...

sounds perfect.