Friday, January 26, 2007

Honourable Mention

Someone I know wants to be mentioned in my blog, good or bad. Ha, well there you go. Consider yourself mentioned! For further reference .... if you want to be front page news on nerdgirlsspace you must either:

1. Provide a juicy photo.

2. Do something worth gossiping about.

3. Provide me with a rant.

4. Do something for me so freaking fabulous for me that I want to brag about it....

5. (This one is not recommended!) Do something to me that upsets or hurts me - that is a surefire way to get mentioned! =)


Two Twisted Gypsies said...

Love the new you! Looks great over here and the Honourable Mention piece was hillarious. I like the five rules to be mentioned! Can I use these?

KellyNerd said...

Of course you can... I stole your picture so fairs fair!

....sorry to see about the troubles with the hacker in your blog... i see that you've almost got it all straightened out though... was all lost??