Wednesday, February 21, 2007

the management of this blog gave me a spanking ...

... and I'm back to normal today ... well, back to the normal levels of mother guilt, self pity and self loathing associated with being the parent of a teenage girl ... =) Thank you to the beautiful She-Village (and of course Chico) for the texts, comments, emails, phone calls and the home visit to make sure I'm ok. The home visit included manly-man work around the house and watching Gilmore Girls... definitely above and beyond the call of duty! You are the most amazing friends a girl could have. I am a lucky girl.

Some other things today:

I'm in my new glasses today - FINALLY. These glasses even make the shiner look good! Defintely worth the bucketload of money I spent on them.

Grey's Anatomy tonite. If someone doesn't die tonite I'm done with the show. They have been promising for two whole episodes. And it had better not be the hot redhead or Cali. Because then life wouldn't be worth living... I could live without the ditzy blond or Doctor Grey though.

Three more sleeps until the Habitat for Humanity build site experience! Yippee! Which means three more sleeps until I get to wear my new workboats (so cute!) and thank you very much Chico.

NOTE TO JEN - 25cent peep shows! We gotta talk girl... I suspect there may be about fifteen more layers to lovely lana that we are all dying to learn about! =)

Bye all - have a good day.


hrdtopickaname said...

uhhh greys anaotmy is not on tonight. you gave me a heart attack. ooh and that dr grey should die she's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

i love greys anatomy, ive watched some of this season (stole it off the net *oops ) but i dont know where im at so you can catch me up:)

*megan* (the daughter)