Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Photo Album

My mom drove downtown this weekend to spend the day with me. My best friend was moving out of the house and I was feeling really down. Mom didn’t know this before she came to get me but was a wonderful ear for my feelings about him moving out. One thing about my mom – she is always in your corner. And a great person to have there. So we got that conversation over with and headed out to Granville Island for the day. It is incredible that at my age something as simple as spending the day with your mom can make you feel needed, loved and important.

When my mom showed up at the house she brought with her a photo album she had created. She had gone through all her old photos and made an album for my sister and I (one for each of us). My dad died when he was 41 so this was hard task for my mom. She is now remarried to a great guy (almost five years!) and they are doing the happily ever after thing … =)

Anyways, the album. It has pictures of me when I was little, my mom when she was little, my dad, grandparents, sister, stepfather, stepbrother and all our friends along the way. She had kept old figure skating photos of me, race day pictures of my dad (he raced drag boats!), pictures of me sitting on my Papa’s lap as a young girl, pictures of me bathing with the dogs (!well yuck!) and pictures of my Nana as a beautiful twenty-something gal… everything you could think of… including some bad perm pictures that we could have done without saving!

In the album Mom included a photo of the two of us. Mom would have been about 21 or 22 and she was holding me in her arms. She looked like a baby herself. She actually looked like an innocent Marilyn Monroe! Across the page there is a picture of me and Megan together. I must have been about 21 or 22 also. I look like a baby too. We were both young mothers. We have followed a similar path being that my mom was born in 49, I was born in 69 and my beautiful daughter was born in 89.

NOTE TO MEG – not a chance you are making me a grandma in 09 little lady!!! =)

Anyways, thanks mom!

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