Thursday, February 15, 2007


I lost my mind at lunch today.
The short story:
Eyesight worsening.
Headaches worsening.
Eye exam at lunch.
... and a kabillion dollars later:

But my, oh my, are they SEXY!


Anonymous said...

love them!!

where from? and, if I may be so bold, how much??

KellyNerd said...

Vision Works at Pacific Centre... On SALE.

Regular: frames only w/o lenses 389.

sale price (40% off frames) including lenses 408.00 total


HOT glasses girl, I love them!

Anonymous said...

i loooooove them!! amazing!!! cant wait to see them<3

i dont think ive ever told you this, but i think you are an amazing writer and everytime i read your journal i learn more and more about you, and more and more i see how we are very alike:)

i love you
*megan* (the daughter)