Monday, April 30, 2007

i have issues

I know this does not come as shocking news to most of you who know me well ... but for those of you who dont ...

I dont like hair.

I dont like germs.

I dont like sharing my bathroom unless I'm sleeping with you.

I definately dont like shoes in the house.

Do not even think of sitting on public transit and then sitting on my couch.

The list goes on and on and on.

Really, we've only scratched the surface.

The main reason this is coming up today is because someone who I would say is fairly close to me just about made my head pop off yesterday! Apparently, she had NO idea the types of things that gross me out. Or she thought I was kidding or it was justly mildly grossed out.

Yesterday, I found out ... wait for it ... Hockey.

Doesn't matter if you have the money for new ones. Doesn't matter.

Do you realize This means that: someone elses.ASSsweat.touches.YOUR.ass.

Um yuck.

Chico, help me here. Explain in my comments just how much medication was probably needed to stop me from having a panick attack yesterday when I heard this.

To make matters worse, the NEW hockey pants are really only 30 to 40 dollars more than the used asssweat ones... so really one is CHOOSING to smell like another person's ass sweat.

I have a headache now and need to go buy some antibacterial wet wipes.


Anonymous said...

The pants don't touch your bum!!! Its O.K.... if the pants don't contact the skin!!! Issues Issues ha ha

Cheek said...

Umm, no one I know has ever bought used hockey pants....they're not that expensive...

Cheek said...

Contact shmontact, that is ass sweat and it pours like Niagara or no skin used hockey pants makes me cringe, and ask Kelly, I am a pretty filthy person.....


Not a lot of stuff grosses me out... but ass sweat kinda does. Imagine what those pants must smell like. Ew.