Friday, April 13, 2007

mystery girl

This entry is probably going to offend someone, more than one, i dont know but it here it goes anyway ...

Funny story.

Yesterday I receive a text from a number I dont recognize. It is a picture of a store called "Chicos". No note, nothing.

So last night while I was out having drinks with Chico I showed him the picture. Who is it from?

I dont know!

How could you not know?

I just dont.

He grabs my phone and calls the number.

"Hi, who's this?"

And of course Chico does not ever really listen and thinks the girl said Brenda but is not ends up having this conversation with 'Brenda' who is now in Disneyland and saw the pic and thought of me and sent it.

Hm. Back to square one. Dont know a 'Brenda' in Disneyland at the moment.

I know two Brendas and they both have their numbers programmed in the phone.

Two seconds later:

I get a text from the same number:

"Saw it and thought of you, had to take a pic. Chico sounds cute, is he? Sorry, walking hormone here."

Hm. Someone texting me knows my best friend is Chico but has never met him.

I have no FREAKING idea.

I wonder if she's cute? =)


Cheek said...

I'm wondering if she's cute too...


A mystery.... I love it. Why would you think this post would offend someone? Now Chico and I... we offend. You... not so much.

Anonymous said...

I'm away from the office for a whole week and you don't even notice!!!! lol
Good thing I don't offend.
And yeah, I'm damn cute.