Thursday, April 19, 2007

small irritation

I am wearing one of my cutest pair of socks today. Black, with little purple and pink flowers on them.

Sadly, my big toe on my left foot has poked through.=(

Quite annoying.

...Especially because I am perfectly groomed - so there is no good reason for my toe to be cutting holes in my socks... unlike someone I know! (you know who you are!)


Anonymous said...

I'm wearing blue socks with flying cows...but am not that put together.

Cheek said...

Hey don't you have blue socks with flying cow's???

KellyNerd said...

I have blue socks with butterflies... flying cows, nope not so much ... =)

pS I know who has the flying cow socks... "I HEART SPAM" girl! =)