Wednesday, May 02, 2007

people who care and stupid cab company and stupid transit ...

Thank you for surprise visiting me last night! I know you had your own work things going on. Thank you for coming over anyways. Thank you for asking about the latest Megan worries and thank you for not wincing when I asked you to look at the back of my throat with my sick breath. You are a superstar!

And You. You know who you are. I am going to be feeling better for dinner tonite. I just know it! Thank you for texting me in the middle of your family visit to ask how I'm doing! Very nice.

And thank you to all the anonymous people that played my Secret Game yesterday! I love your secrets, I even stuck one in there too - anonymously of course!

I hope I get some more secrets! Keep writing - PLEASE!

This morning is rainy and gross and guess where my umbrella was hanging out?

Under my desk!

Of course, where else should it be on a rainy Wednesday morning?

Decided to treat my sick self to a cab to work. I phoned at 8:10. They said it would be kind of a wait but that the cab would call when it arrived. It is now 9:42, still haven't received the call that the cab is in front of my house. Good thing I walked in the rain to the bus stop to catch a bus that took FOREVER to get there. People on the bus hated me. I coughed all over them. Well, not all over them exactly. I am polite and covered my mouth, but I still got the looks... =)

Can you tell me this? Why is it there were four buses going against rush hour up Cambie to every one bus that came down Cambie into town? Hm? Make any sense to you? Didnt think so.

Ok, gotta get all the ketchup out of my keyboard. Dont ask.


KellyNerd said...

Update on the cab ... it is now 1:04 p.m. and there has been no call to tell me there is a cab waiting ... um hello? Service Industry!

Lindsey said...

Thanks for being so sweet on my blog. The encouragement means bunches...especially right now. :o)

KellyNerd said...

It is now 4:48 pm the next day and my cab has not arrived. Think maybe its not coming?? =)