Friday, June 29, 2007

... as alanis would say

... ironic (or is it just tragic?)

I have love in my life. I am loved. I lust. I am lusted after. I love. I am in love. And yes, I believe loving someone and being in love are two totally different things and I feel both of them, separately. The problem (and where the irony/tragedy of it all comes in) is that none of these loves, lusts, people are the same.

When you look at it on paper, it all looks good doesn't it? But when you do the math it just doesn't work out in Kelly's favour. Wouldnt it be superb if who I loved, who I am in love with, who I lust after and who lusts after me, loves me were all one in the same? It all comes down to timing I think and mine is off. Way off. =)

Could you all just get it together? Or maybe I should? Dunno. Anyways,

Rats. =)


Trée said...

Kelly, you are the first person to articulate thoughts I've had for many years. Seems the women I loved didn't love me and the ones that loved me I didn't love. As for the lust thing, well, I've always lusted after women I knew I would never have. At least I harbor no illusions on that front. :-)

So from me to you, I call your two sighs and raise you two more.

Anonymous said...

lust is so fucking easy to create. i swear - just welcome the following random acts that were last nights ingredients:
a night out on the town
add gin,
some partial nudity,
some random person you aren't into hitting on you
and a pinch of desperation due to lack of touch or adequate human contact and there you have it....

a make out session where someone is almost getting laid, but if someone sobers up, or smokes pot some guy gets blue balls...

LMFAO - no more drunken nights and following random stragners home from the bar - I've been a bad girl - so I'm going to never go to someone else's place

i'm starting to wonder if love is even real or if i'm just being dillusional and said that it wasn't love because it hurt me so much..