Friday, June 29, 2007

... extra long weekend

Wasn't that rain amazing last night? I was lucky enough to be listening to it beside an open door hitting the water in the harbour. As much as I would like the summer weather to start, I would not have traded that rain last night for anything.

This is my last day of work until Wednesday. I took an extra day and am going to make it a 'me' weekend. I want to read, walk, get a little exercise and wind down. Other than Canada day celebrations and a bbq at the house on Sunday night, I am going to stay close to home and look after myself.

Nothing much to write today, I am happy, and feeling content. Hope you all have a fantastic Canada Day long weekend.

Much love,


Trée said...

Kelly, have a great weekend. How I wish we would get some rain here. We are literally in a drought, all my grass is brown and the heat is relentless. If it rained right now, I would stop what I was doing and just go stand in it--been that long.

Anonymous said...

have a great weekend (and ENOUGH about praising the rain - it's time for some summer, dammit!!)