Thursday, June 14, 2007

on being a sloth ...

Ok, so I have bad eating habits. We've been through that. Not going to change right now.

The main problem is that I am getting no exercise.


I go through stages. Its all or nothing. Hm. Actually. It is all or nothing for me with a lot of things ... but thats a whole other blog.

Anyways, decided not sloth time anymore... ITS.BIKINI.SEASON!

Last night I put on the blades (thanks again for those Val) out the door, down Main Street through the bowels of Chinatown ... wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... downhill ... over to Science World ... oh oh we're flattening out ... visited the ocean (on a bench), watched dragon boat practices THEN headed BACK UP MAIN Street.

Just try and guess what the fun part of my skate was ... notice there was no wheeeeeeee on the heading back UP Main Street part ... tee hee. asthma attack in front of Foundation ... other than that... I'm on my way. I may be pushing 40 but this is going to be one hot bod for the summer!

So anyways, stay tuned ...t he chronicles of a Recovering Sloth to be continued!



Good lord girl, are you crazy... there is NOTHING slothlike about you whatsoever. And your perfect little boobies (that's right, I saw them) stand up all by themselves... what more could you want? You're pretty perfect already.

If you want though, you can keep me company again while I schlep MY fat ass up the mountain on Monday.

KellyNerd said...


Looking forward to it.

And thanks for the boobies comment! It was the perfect ego boost!

Deadmanshonda said...

You go girrrlll!! Did you have to splay your feet out like a duck and sorta pick-ax your way back up the hill? The imagery killed me....

I decided to start exercising too and guess what? I can't wake up in the morning after a nightime workout. My body literally goes into some sort of physical it's either my job or the workout...or some serious supplements. ;-) Good luck!