Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Unless you are going to:

(a) tell me I'm pretty;
(b) tell me I am spectacular;
(c) tell me that I am the best thing that ever happened to you;
(d) tell me that I am brilliant;
(e) tell me that I look lovely in my outfit today;
(f) tell me that I am absolutely adorable, lovable and kind

do not bother to even open your mouth and talk to me today.


And unless you like your berries, do not ask me if I am pmsing... I AM NOT. I am just in a bad mood. No, I dont have a good reason, I just am. I know you all expect me to be all sunshine and light all the time - no matter what crap you throw at me - but today


Maybe sending nerdgirl some love via the comments section will save a few lives today. Go ahead try it! =)

This pic made me laugh out loud though:



maybe if I dipped you in chocolate and threw you to a pack of hungry lezbians... you'd be in a better mood? Hmmmmmm?

And just because I know that you, like me, need constant constant stroking, you are all of those things and more...adorable, pretty, kind, sweet, loving...I could go on and on but i'm getting jealous and have to go blog about how fabulous I am now.

Deadmanshonda said...

I agree with are fabulous and you are definitely lovely and loveable.

And you go with your duo date!

Pamela said...

Duo dates?? hmm --now there is something COMPLETELY different to think about ! ~lol~

Love the "Grrrr thoughts".. as you went & read where my brain is .. well-- You know we're are in a similar headspace :) ( thanks for comming by & commenting hon! HUGS

glad to see you have friends here that LOVE YOU!
Niiiice .. see -- lots of Pets & Loves makes us happy girls!

Oh.. btw.. as to the Gin.. I'm in! ;) just tell me where & when darlin!

Anonymous said...

nice try girl. i know you ... you're just looking for a little stroking to soothe a bruised ego... isnt the fact that you have a date tonite enough??? !!! greedy girl!

Ryann said...

well my dear you are absolutely adorable, lovable and kind... and freakin fantabulous.

enjoy your bad mood. sometimes it's great to be grumpy.

KellyNerd said...

marf... thanks for taking the time out of your self stroking (ha!) to give me a little one! yes, the chocolate thing would DEFINITELY help!

leisel... as always... lovely lovely lovely

pamela... girl you have two weeks of freedom ... you name the day I'll supply the gin!

anonymous ... i know who you are and you pegged me!

ryann... I am kinda enjoying it... cant wait to read more about your supercrush!