Thursday, July 12, 2007

the world of kelly is a little crazy sometimes

so I have an interesting goal today.

Do not call any clients Mr. Dick.

Especially when that is NOT their name. I repeat NOT. Not even close.

True story:

Yesterday, I get on the phone, all polite as get out. The assistant voice at the ready. I am phoning one of David's bigger clients a Mr. Andy *insert proper name here* and say: "Good morning Mr. Dick."

"Um, want to try that again?"

Peels of laughter instead of I'm sorrys ...

Geez, I am sorry (guffaw, haha, give me a sec...) Mr. *insert proper name here*, I (tears rolling now) misspoke!

Mr. Dick. Great.

Yes, I still have a job.

On a completely different note. I decided last night that when I grow up I want to be a private investigator, living on a sailboat with my dog Lola.

Oh, yes I can!

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Deadmanshonda said...

How oh how did you do that??!! Too funny....