Friday, August 24, 2007

a feast, a new hbo series, insomnia, water ponds, my nest and some pictures

My goal today: to make an effort to make this post a little lighter than those of late. I am still not feeling quite right and do not want to be around people, especially crowds and noise, and I am not wanting to talk much but I am trying hard to get back to me. I am listening to the world a lot right now. You learn a lot with your mouth closed and your ears open. I am working hard to get back to the regular, happy-go-lucky me. I have some work to do first, but I am getting there. I promise.

Chico and I have started a new HBO series. We have been through Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Big Love. We have spent many lost rainy weekends lost in one or the other of these series. I recommend each and everyone one of them. Just mentioning them makes me want to open up discussion on the rich characters in each of them. Not today though, I dont want to lose you on too long of a post!

We have now started Rome. We watched the first two episodes of the second season last night. It is not as good as Sopranos or Six Feet but I am enjoying it (warning: a lot of violence though). And after all these years I am learning Chico is more than a pretty face, he knows a whole heck of a lot about the history of Rome. Apparently he listened in history class instead of being distracted by pretty girls and basketball ... so I am lucky enough to get a running commentary of the real goings on in the history of Rome and Caesar in comparison to what they are showing in the HBO series.

Lately multi-tasking is not my best skill and therefore cooking dinner lately has been a big no-no. Example: one entire loaf of bread used to make four completely unedible pieces of french toast (Read: I am one big fire-hazard). And yes!, I used to be a good cook.

Anyways, last night along with the first two episodes of the second season of Rome I was treated to this lovely, finger food feast:

Yum. Healthy, easy, thoughtful. Thank you.

Usually I have to read awhile to fall asleep at night. I read quite a bit anyways, but a few pages of someone else's story before I go to sleep at night really helps to relax me. I have a beautiful bedroom. I live in the attic loft of an old heritage home. My bedroom has been my little haven lately. I thought I would share a couple pictures of my room:

Last night I settled into my little nest and fell asleep instantly.

I woke though at 3 a.m. I could not settle. Thoughts of recent weeks, being off work and the most recent conversation with my daughter swirled in my head. I turned on my little reading light and read the remainder of my current read, Prodigal Summer (big recommendation). I finished and put the book down satisfied with the ending. Well worth the read. Unfortunately, my brain was still alive and churning when I put the book down. I lay there, trying to still my body. My hope was that my thoughts would also settle.

My landlord designs ponds for a living and my back yard is this amazing little haven with ponds with running water, lily pads, fish and beautiful banana trees. Here is another picture for you:

As I lay there trying to still my body and mind, my bedroom window was open, I could hear the water trickling in the ponds. I turned on my stomach to look out the window and the moon was shining brightly in a clear sky.
So peaceful.
Still, I could not fall asleep, my legs were itching to move ... I got up, went downstairs, had a glass of water, a couple of tylenol, a couple of gummy bears, checked a few of your blogs (thank you all for your wonderful stories) and finally went upstairs to my nest and eventually fell into a dreamless sleep.


Keri said...

Your space is beautiful and seems very peaceful. The yard too. Lovely.

But don't get too comfortable. Shake it up a bit every now and then. Run through the sprinkler & sing outloud. :)

Then get some rest...

Unknown Me said...

Wow, you're room is like a little piece of heaven!

Anonymous said...

Umm, long time reader, first time do you, you know, keep feeling fresh all day long ??

KellyNerd said...

keri: Running through the sprinkler! now there is a good idea from my youth! better yet, maybe a slip and slide ... remember those? sorry though, still in the jammies, not today. soon though!

unknown me: I am glad you like it... it is like a piece of heaven, you are right!

Chico (unknown, not so unknown): I know that was you, I have a sitemeter remember - gross boy - your question was how I stay fresh all day long??? EASY - I dont let dirty boys touch me! So there!

Trée said...

As Keri said, your room looks so peaceful, like a sanctuary.

Sizzle said...

it's really important to have our rooms be peaceful. i don't know people sleep in cluttered bedrooms. it's like my mind can feel the disorganization while i sleep!

Lindsey said...

Your place really is very beautiful. I know I could curl up there and just relax!

The food looked yummy too!

Baffling said...

First, lemme congratulate you on your Beautiful bedroom. Those are the keywords to an image search that landed me on your website at 4:30 am. It looks really beautiful. The blog's pretty darn neat too. Like the sense of writing.

PS: Rome the series is not anatomically correct :)

Baffling said...

Hello again. :)
Thanks for viewing my blog; a pleasant surprise!!

I'm posting a comment here again coz I'll read your blog back to forward... that'll give it a sense of direction since I love to get to know ppl. I suggest you do the same with mine (if you ever do it) and you'll see how progressively darker they've grown in tandem with my life. One of the things that pulled me to your blog was the sense of loss it exuberated. I was hoping it would help me understand my predicament... Now I can't wait to see

As for my other blog, it is a personal diary of sorts... I knew that I'll have to share it with someone someday, but I'm not sure I'm ready to do that yet. I'm extremely sorry for that... please do not mind it, my reluctance flows from personal conflict. I'm sure I'll feel more comfortable after a while.

Baffling said...

Hey! I read the blog where you say you switched off your phone and locked your doors... Couldn't help but see what you meant. Will get to it soon.

The other blog would be open to a priviledged few in sometime ;)

And I was born in India. I hope I can make you believe that Indians know good english too, lol. I love to read ofcourse. I moved out of home about 6 years ago to study at a great college. That's where this blog talks about.

You can look me up on FB, the link to my profile is