Wednesday, January 31, 2007

When Stuff Happens (and not the Good, Easy Stuff)

So the bottom fell out of my daughter’s world early this week.

My daughter has not taken the ‘average’ teenager’s path. Could we not have left it at smoking, boys, and missing curfew?? I have seen it all with her (gosh, please let this be all) and some days it really just gets down to the basics - which is this - thank goodness she is safe. I remember the first time I caught her smoking and thought it was such a big deal - and before I get the other mothers' eye rolls - yes, I know it is a big deal, but in the big scheme of things - if I had known what was to come, I would have saved that particular spike in blood pressure for events that were to come at me in the future. The real events, where lives could have been altered, changed - hurt. To preserve my Lovely’s reputation I will not go into detail. She is an amazing, beautiful creature with a huge heart. And she is on the right path now. What I want to do and what I am writing for today is to comment on the people in my life who are there for me when I need them. I gain such strength when I need it from you (you know who you are). It doesn’t seem to matter what I need in that moment… a shoulder to cry on, inappropriate stories to make me laugh out loud (FIRE ESCAPE - YOU know who YOU are!), a nod of encouragement, non-judgmental attitude, the ability to hold my secrets (and my daughters secrets) in confidence, food, booze, buttertarts, WHATEVER. You were there. These beautiful women are my friends and I am blessed with these great friends and a wonderful, solid family who support me. And because of these people when I face my daughter and she needs my strength I have it to give her. I manage to pull the right words and comfort out and am able to be what she needs (or so she tells me). This doesn't come from my own strength alone this comes from the mostly she-village that surrounds me.



Baffling said...

Your post reflects so gently upon my father's image. It is a she (mom), she (sis) and he (me) village (town really) that cultivates every action of his. It is wonderful to be cared for unconditionally

Baffling said...

Love the way you wrtie. everything seems lucid